Stripper!Nero (this_is_nero) wrote in dmcdressing,

Where can one go to hire a good Leather Tailor for Ripped leather "Garments"?

.....Get your Mind Out of the Gutter Old Man!!!
Tags: nero
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Why would you want them pre-ripped?
*Loads Blue Rose*

What did I just say?
What did I just say?

Hypocrisy is bad for you, kid. I think your mind is the one that needs a bit of cleaning. much?
Don't sweat it. Just lay down and let me work my magic.
What the?!!
Get you hands off Me!
At least let me get my Pants off first...why are smiling like that!??!
Hey, hey, my hands weren't anywhere on you. [Just near you.]

Nothing. I'll wait.
Turn around, I don't want you Staring at me!
That'd be redundant, kid.
Just fixs my pants...please
Want me to take them off for you?
..........I hate you
I'm asking a genuine question. Seemed like what you want, and do I aim to please.
.........Fine, this Zipper so "Hard" to pull down I think I do need a little help.
My pleasure.

[Pulls it down...hard enough to take the rest of the pants with it.]
I see that this is something you do offen?
I'd like to think I'm just gifted.

Hey I need those later!


5 years ago

You better watch who you are Man-handling...

[Quickly Nero Grabs both of Dante's Hands and places them on his hips while moving up closer]

or you should just Handling me "Here"...
[Well...that was new.]

Now where was this compliancy all my life?
Just Shut up old man, and Dry hump me before I change my mind!
You're acting a little suspicious, kid.

[Dry humping anyway despite possibility of death because he's annoyingly durable]
What the matter, old man?

Can't get it up?

I knew you just couldn't do it.
Now Get back to Fixing my pants
and make it quick, I need them for later!