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dmcdressing's Journal

Devil May Cry Dressing Room
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Were you about to finally take that piss after a long day of devil hunting? Just got out of church, just got out of Hell? Whoopes, looks like whatever door you were going to step through lead to a bright pink hallway! No windows, entrances or exits, but if you're lucky--you might find a bathroom in midst of the endless rows of doors. You're living in a magical mansion, and everything is free.

There used to be another DMC dressing room, but it died. The only premise here is that you're in an abysmal pink building; rooms can lead to any DMC location, kitchens, toilets, etc. or may bestow some humiliating effect upon your characters. Make shit up, have fun.

Just join the community, then get a character journal and post--the whole 'arrive through door' thing is just a suggestion, poof here whatever way you want. No applications needed though it'd be helpful to post your info here if we ever want to worship you in private. Basically just do whatever you want BUT HEED THE FOLLOWING:


1. Don't post with characters not from the DMC universe. This includes the novels, anime, and manga. You can do a Viewtiful Joe or SMT: Nocturne Dante, but only Dante (and VJ Trish)--not anyone else from those 'crossovers'.

2. Non-canon versions of characters are fine. If you want to play Vergil from a wet dream you had where he wore a maid outfit and shot rockets from his empty bra, go for it.

3. Porn is allowed. Tag these threads with 'porn'. You can do it with anyone or anything as long as all involved players give their consent, and you f-lock it (assuming you post it in the main comm). Unless you continue threads in your character journals, then whether or not you lock is your choice. Non-con should be played there as well. No breeding because that tends to create original characters; you can try, but prepare to get an abortion.

4. Tag all your posts with your character's name. Look here if you want further example.

5. And all the other generic RP rules like no being a dick, godmodding, threadjacking without consent, etc.


OOC Comm
Character List

Will start once we have four members I guess.